Excellent Piece: “Elijah McClain Could Have Been My Brother”

Please read this excellent piece by a talented, impressive young woman of color, who lived in Aurora, Colorado. See the world through her eyes, and as she writes this article, also see the world through her brother’s eyes.

The author Alexandra Robinson graduated from the University of Maryland in 2019. She was one of two speechwriters for presidential candidate, Tom Steyer. She has a love of politics (God Bless you, girl. I did too at your age). She says that she wants to “continue on my journey of helping the American people.”

We need you, Alexandra Robinson! We really, really do!

Elijah McClain Could Have Been My Brother by Alexandra Robinson


My sweet, talented, funny brother could have been just as easily taken away from this world without a trace and not talked about until months later.

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On the Road to Getting Published! Hopefully, Anyway…

This “Babe” just got accepted to a writing program that aides writers fulfill their ultimate dream – to be published!

I took the chance 2 days ago, since I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, and submitted 3 short articles to a writing program. This program’s goal is to aide writers get their work published. In a sense, they are similar to a writing agent, but they don’t take a cut of any profit made from your writing. I see this as the first stepping-stone to my true dream – publishing a book.

When I received the acceptance letter via email yesterday, I was shocked by how quickly they responded. When you apply, they state it can take weeks for a response. In the acceptance letter, the company stated they reject 80% of applicants. Now, my “lawyer brain” still works, on occasion. So, I immediately thought, “Is this some marketing ploy?”. If so, that would be a major misrepresentation.

I had a telephone conference today and was very frank in asking that question. The company’s representative clearly understood my hesitation. However, she explained that their Review Board does indeed reject most applicants. She further explained that the Board will only take on clients they’re confident in, and believe can get their work published. Essentially, they don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Okay, totally understandable. Additionally, the representative explained they suggest very targeted publications where the writer submits his/her work so that the chances of being published are far greater than blindly sending your work out.

There are no guarantees, of course. Yet, considering their quick response and then accepting me into the program, I believe this “Brain Cancer Babe” is on-track and well on her way to getting published! Yippee!

Fingers crossed!